Murhost Success has a mission to help people succeed in small business by highlighting business tips to succeed and by guiding small business owners in the best online success strategies. Murhost Success desires guest authors from the areas of web design, web programming, graphic design, marketing, social media, or any level of success principles.

About the Author

Owner Tom Murosky

E-entrepreneur Tom Murosky has been developing websites since 2005 beginning as a hobby. His first blog-platform site accumulated over 4000 visitors in the first month. In 2010, Tom left his full time work to pursue small business. In his first year he had completed website projects in over 15 states. He has experience in static HTML, WordPress, Joomla, B2Evolution, and more CMS systems. He is also a CSS and cross-browser compatibility expert.


Ryan has been involved with small-business his entire life. The son of a successful business owner, he learned early in life the impact that sound marketing strategy had on a businesses bottom line. After receiving a degree in Finance, he went to work helping other businesses successfully develop and implement their own marketing strategies and has assisted more than 250 small and medium sized businesses in growing their market share. He is currently the Advertising Director for two newspapers in the fifth fastest growing metro market in the U.S.

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