Prepare for the Worst


It happens to us all, even us computer geeks…a computer has broken down!  Are you ready for the event that your computer systems may be down for a period of time?  Do you have the resources to get it back up without hurting your productivity?  Will you lose data?  What is your plan?

I just had a computer go down.  In fact, I am getting it back up as I write this article.  This one has some complications because I need to install OEM OS instead of a package deal that is compatible with my computer with all the devices.  But I am not freaking out for a few good reasons.

First, I have all of my files backed up on several different drives, so I know that I have not lost any data.  I make regular backups to computers so that I never have to worry about data loss.  If you are not doing that, I would recommend you do so.  Some people recommend cloud backups, and some do not like the option of your data in the cloud.  I fit under the latter category, I am not comfortable with my personal life in the sky where a hacker or a disgruntled employee can get to it.  Of course, the other option is to keep copies of your files locally which will not prevent a fire or some other tragedy from destroying them.  I am willing to take that risk for most items, but not all.

Next, I have backup computers to use when my primary computers are down.  They essentially mirror software so that I just need to move files from the backups to the backup computer which removes the emergency of having the computer fixed right now.  This gives me time to diagnose the problem with the computer and even plan time to fix it without interrupting the rest of my day.  Backup computers are very important for small business owners because a down computer can ruin your whole week.  You do not need a good one, just a computer that will get the basic work done.

Finally, become your own computer technician.  You do not want to have to take a computer out for work.  Do not let yourself say something like, ‘I just don’t understand them’.  Figure it out.  Get a cheap (or broken) computer and tinker with it.  Otherwise you will waste time while your computer is out of service, and money fixing it at inflated prices.  If you must send a computer out for repair, use small business that are knowledgeable, not large chain stores.

I would write more, but I have a computer to fix!


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Tom has been building websites and interacting online with blogs, forums, and social media since 2005. In 2010 he launched out full time in web design with the company Western Mountain Web Design. In his first year of business he completed projects in over 15 states in the US. In 2011, he launched the web hosting company Murhost and the blog Murhost Success with the goal of equipping small business owners to succeed with their online strategy.
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