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Gaining a Foothold on Success


Starting out your business can be a difficult task if you do not have experience both in your field and in building a business.  It is easy to make mistakes, particularly if you are trying to do it all on … Continue reading

Prepare for the Worst


It happens to us all, even us computer geeks…a computer has broken down!  Are you ready for the event that your computer systems may be down for a period of time?  Do you have the resources to get it back … Continue reading

Writing a Successful Proposal


I am on Elance or oDesk a few times a week writing proposals for projects, looking for work, or meeting with local businesses to talk about web design projects.  Typically as I am working on Elance in particular, I get … Continue reading

Five Steps to Manage Your Business


As I was reading over blogs in preparation for this article, I found a great article at Freelance Switch on The Top Myths About Working from Home.  What I liked the most about this article is that it highlighted some … Continue reading

Pricing Services to Meet Your Clients Needs


A good business strategy will be sufficient enough to keep you eating and keep your bills paid, but it will also meet your clients needs.  A plan that gives you everything and leaves your client out to dry is one … Continue reading

Picking Your Clients


When you start out in your freelance business, it can be difficult to image a day when you can not actually take on all of the jobs that come your way.  You will be faced with the decision of either … Continue reading

Five Tips to Actually Work While Working At Home


Working at home is a wonderful mixture of great opportunity and difficult achievement.  Many people that I meet talk about wanting to work from home, but few of those people realize that it is not for them.  They say, after … Continue reading

Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Designer

Web Designer

I first delivered this message at our local networking group as an apologetic to hiring a professional designer instead of either trying to build your own website or worse, hiring your high school neighbor who knows computers.  The reality remains … Continue reading

Four Steps to Setting a Fixed Price Bid


As I work on my various projects throughout the day, I frequently find myself doing more work on a project than I initially estimated.  This causes problems in my time management, income projections, and free time.  In an effort to … Continue reading

Five Ways to get Paid for Your Work


Getting paid is the greatest part of being self-employed.  As I field offers, communicate about projects, and get started on new deals, the greatest part is the income.  But we all can attest to having a client that would not … Continue reading