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Tracking Your Goals for Optimum Success


Over the last few weeks we have been talking about goal setting from the very beginning of thinking long-term about what you want to do, and then narrowing closer and closer to now until finally last week we talked about … Continue reading

Goals: From Month to Day


In case you have not been following this series, we are working on writing and tracking goals.  Goal setting starts with determining the areas to set goals, and then we need to find the goals to set in a year, … Continue reading

Getting Started in Goal Setting

Ideas for Goal Tracking

Last week I started to prime the pump on goal setting by introducing the areas in your life to specifically strive to set goals.  This week I will focus on how to begin the process.  Goals are not just something … Continue reading

Six Core Areas to Set Goals


Lets face it.  Many people fail at goal setting.  And indeed, it can be difficult to set a goal, track it, monitor it, and achieve it.  Goal setting is too large of an area to cover in one article, for … Continue reading