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The Limit of Unlimited Plans


I have been thinking about the topic of unlimited plans lately drawn on the recent publicity of AT&T being sued in small claims court…and losing over throttling the unlimited data plan of a customer in California.  Of course that was … Continue reading

Mix the Delivery, Not the Message


In life, you’ve heard the expression “You can’t be everything to everyone.” In marketing, when you try to make your business everything to everyone, you end up with an identity crisis and confused customers. The first thing to do is … Continue reading

A Case Study: Advertising as an Investment


We’re going to get into a simple case study about Bob and his Tractor Dealership in a moment, but a word about adverting first.  I’ve heard people categorize advertising as an expense. Not true. It’s only an expense if you … Continue reading

Timing Is Everything


At the heart of effective marketing is timing. Your resources are often limited and it’s not always easy to know when to deploy them, but with some planning it can be a simple part of helping your business grow. Future … Continue reading