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Site Speed and Your Users


For today’s article, we will have a look at another post by The Brain Lady.  In the article, ‘Time is Perceived as Relative“, the author looks at our psychological perception of time and how it relates to a website.  What … Continue reading

Do Not Fold!


When designing a website, designers will discuss what information is ‘above the fold’ and ‘below the fold’.  The fold is a term coming from the newspaper industry discussing where content is relative to the fold of the paper.  On a … Continue reading

Protect Your Domain Name


I wanted to take this time to talk about a common scam that is used to attempt to take over your domain, and also how to counter this attempt.  There are many scams to scare people into transferring their web … Continue reading

Don’t Be Blind to Your Screen


For this article, we are going to examine another post from the 100 Things you Should Know About People by Susan Weinschenk.  This is #1– You Have “Inattention Blindness” and the article discusses the ‘blindness’ that we have when we are … Continue reading

Use a Title that Explains your Content


How can I come up with a title to talk about titles?  I hope it caught your eye!  In this article, I wanted to bring your attention to an article about the importance of titles and provide some content.  The … Continue reading

Five Steps for Seeing Success in 2012


Every year we start out the new year with a bang as we make promises to ourselves about the triumphs that we will accomplish in the coming year.  When we are small business owners, it is always good to have … Continue reading

Designing to Win the Browser War


I remember the day when I went down to a local company and bought my very first dial-up Internet service.  My awesome computer had a top-of-the-line 33.6 modem to which I could now connect with the rest of the world.  … Continue reading