Tracking Your Goals for Optimum Success


Over the last few weeks we have been talking about goal setting from the very beginning of thinking long-term about what you want to do, and then narrowing closer and closer to now until finally last week we talked about getting your goals down to the now, this month, week, and day.  This is the final article in this particular goal-setting series and we will talk about how to track your goals. Continue reading

Searching Out the Cheese


For today’s article, I wanted to go back and examine an old but well known book: Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson.  This is a timely book to bring back to the front of mind during our economic times.  Many years ago, the older generation just had to get into a company, and stay there their whole life.  As long as they were not totally weird, that usually happened without much trouble.  Today, however, company loyalty has shifted from employees to money, and while a worker may devote the best years of life to a company, it is very common to be cast out for no reason at all. Continue reading

Five Tips to Actually Work While Working At Home


Working at home is a wonderful mixture of great opportunity and difficult achievement.  Many people that I meet talk about wanting to work from home, but few of those people realize that it is not for them.  They say, after all, that if they worked from home, they would not be able to get anything done.  For indeed, not all people can work from home successfully.  But in this article, I will attempt to give some tips on how you can work at home and achieve. Continue reading

Goals: From Month to Day


In case you have not been following this series, we are working on writing and tracking goals.  Goal setting starts with determining the areas to set goals, and then we need to find the goals to set in a year, quarter, etc. This week we will look at moving the goals from monthly all the way to daily so that we can see how to start achieving the goals that we set.  We will cover monthly, weekly, and daily goals in this article. Continue reading

Crisis Management for Small Business


As I write this article, I am in crisis mode.  It happens to us all!  Crisis could be friends, family, business issues, relationships.  And crisis is always different for each person, so never find yourself comparing your crisis with another persons crisis.  And by the way, they never come alone!  Crisis brings more, in fact, Dave Ramsey calls crisis ‘Murphy’ and he has three cousins: Broke, Desperate, and Stupid.  In this article, I want to give you steps to manage their stay and how to avoid more issues. Continue reading

Don’t Be Blind to Your Screen


For this article, we are going to examine another post from the 100 Things you Should Know About People by Susan Weinschenk.  This is #1– You Have “Inattention Blindness” and the article discusses the ‘blindness’ that we have when we are not focusing on the details of something directly in front of us.  Check out the article for a great video of the topic. Continue reading

Getting Started in Goal Setting

Ideas for Goal Tracking

Last week I started to prime the pump on goal setting by introducing the areas in your life to specifically strive to set goals.  This week I will focus on how to begin the process.  Goals are not just something that you determine quickly but rather, goal setting is a well planned process.  Keep reading for for the process of how to determine goals to set in each area. Continue reading

Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Designer

Web Designer

I first delivered this message at our local networking group as an apologetic to hiring a professional designer instead of either trying to build your own website or worse, hiring your high school neighbor who knows computers.  The reality remains that there is more to designing a site than knowing about computers.  Not to say that a high school student can not build a website, but I use that phrase to illustrate the many people want to cut the corner on their website by saving the money.  The old adage goes: you get what you pay for. Continue reading

Time Management Made Easy

Time Management

Time management is like a firm stomach.  We all know how to do it, we just don’t!  Just like a few situps can help firm up the belly, a simple process can increase our effectiveness in our life.  Many resources have been written including First Things First, by Stephen Covey, and chapters in EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey, The Power of Focus, by Canfield et al, and more.  I have read these resources and more, but in this article I wanted to talk about the strategies that have worked for me. Continue reading

Mix the Delivery, Not the Message


In life, you’ve heard the expression “You can’t be everything to everyone.” In marketing, when you try to make your business everything to everyone, you end up with an identity crisis and confused customers.

The first thing to do is get really honest with yourself and figure out just what IS your business? What are you good at? What do you do better than your competitor? Why should people choose to do business with you? Continue reading