Site Speed and Your Users

For today’s article, we will have a look at another post by The Brain Lady.  In the article, ‘Time is Perceived as Relative“, the author looks at our psychological perception of time and how it relates to a website.  What causes you to stay on a site or to move to a new one?  What you seem to prefer, your clients will likely seem to prefer.  Lets look closer. Continue reading

Gaining a Foothold on Success

Starting out your business can be a difficult task if you do not have experience both in your field and in building a business.  It is easy to make mistakes, particularly if you are trying to do it all on your own.  In this article, I want to talk about some common mistakes and how to avoid them.  I will use a great article from Freelance Switch as a starting point. Continue reading

Prepare for the Worst

It happens to us all, even us computer geeks…a computer has broken down!  Are you ready for the event that your computer systems may be down for a period of time?  Do you have the resources to get it back up without hurting your productivity?  Will you lose data?  What is your plan? Continue reading

Do Not Fold!

When designing a website, designers will discuss what information is ‘above the fold’ and ‘below the fold’.  The fold is a term coming from the newspaper industry discussing where content is relative to the fold of the paper.  On a website, above the fold is the content visible before the user scrolls the page.  So where is the best place to place the content?  This is a discussion worth engaging. Continue reading

Writing a Successful Proposal

I am on Elance or oDesk a few times a week writing proposals for projects, looking for work, or meeting with local businesses to talk about web design projects.  Typically as I am working on Elance in particular, I get responses to proposals before I even finish my quota of connects for the day.  Frankly, that is a good problem to have!  In this article, I will outline some of reason for my successful Elance work. Continue reading

The Limit of Unlimited Plans

I have been thinking about the topic of unlimited plans lately drawn on the recent publicity of AT&T being sued in small claims court…and losing over throttling the unlimited data plan of a customer in California.  Of course that was related to cell phone use, not web hosting, but I wanted to draw some parallels and give an apologetic for Murhost using limited hosting plans in the world where most hosting companies offer unlimited plans. Continue reading

Five Steps to Manage Your Business

As I was reading over blogs in preparation for this article, I found a great article at Freelance Switch on The Top Myths About Working from Home.  What I liked the most about this article is that it highlighted some common misconceptions that people have when you work from home.  This got me thinking about a slightly different spin: what steps should you take to get your business going. Continue reading

Pricing Services to Meet Your Clients Needs

A good business strategy will be sufficient enough to keep you eating and keep your bills paid, but it will also meet your clients needs.  A plan that gives you everything and leaves your client out to dry is one that will cause your business to fail.  No one wants to do repeat business with a company that messes them over, and your clients will respect you for respecting them.  With that in mind, I wanted to explain a little bit about the pricing that I do with my clients. Continue reading

Picking Your Clients

When you start out in your freelance business, it can be difficult to image a day when you can not actually take on all of the jobs that come your way.  You will be faced with the decision of either hiring help, or turning down some jobs.  This places you in a position of difficult choice, but it is also a position of power.  You have the power because you can now choose who you work with and take the types of jobs that you want the most. Continue reading

Protect Your Domain Name

I wanted to take this time to talk about a common scam that is used to attempt to take over your domain, and also how to counter this attempt.  There are many scams to scare people into transferring their web domains, and sadly, it works or they would stop, especially after penalties and orders from the FTC.  In this article, I will help you to understand how to protect your domain from scammers. Continue reading